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So um I'm kinda obsessed with this book...

March 1, 2018

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August Book of the Month!

September 3, 2017

Guess who's back, back again. Logan's back, tell a friend!

Okay, after my month-long disappearance, yes, I am back. And I am back with a book of the month! I'm not telling you what it is yet, because I'm mean like that. You have to keep reading.


So, the book that I've chosen as book of the month is one that has been talked about a lot. As a matter of fact, my school told us that it was a very interesting book to read during the summer. I thought very little of it and didn't show interest. But then I kept hearing more about it, and I had a lot of other books I planned to read, and put it off in the 'I'll read it if I have time' category. And then my dad came in my room one day and put it on my desk and said I needed to read it. I was pretty shook if you can imagine. I said I would read it, and I did.

I did not regret it.


So, as you can tell, this book is one that plenty of people know about. As a matter of fact, it is being made into a movie as far as I know.

Here's what I think about this book (since I haven't done a review for it and probably won't now):

This book is perfect for what is happening in our world right now. It addresses issues of racism and police brutality, and has discussions that we should be having. As a reviewer said (whose name I forgot right now [oops]), "If [book name] makes you uncomfortable, that's because it should." That is way too accurate. Beyond what it's about (which I will touch on in just a little bit), it is written very well, and unlike some books I have read, the characters all seem believable. I can see this happening, and the characters' reactions to different events are next to on point. And one thing that I tell people whenever they ask about this book: The voicing is amazingly perfect. I can perfectly imagine someone speaking in that persona right in front of me. I know that my voicing would not be that perfect, and I respect the author for that.


Now that is my review of the August Book of the Month. Here's my summary for it:

Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter has a shaky balance between two worlds: her poor neighborhood and the fancy prep school she goes to. Starr easily maintains that balance until her childhood best friend, Khalil, is killed in a police shooting. Khalil was unarmed. Starr's balance is shattered as Khalil's shooting becomes a famous event, and some people are even suggesting he was a drug lord, or maybe even a gangbanger. Starr's best friend even suggests that he would have died anyway and the world is better without him. Starr is put in the spotlight as a key witness, and she and her family know that what she does (or doesn't) say could change everything. Suddenly, protesters take to the streets, and Starr can't go a night without hearing riots and seeing tanks roll down the streets. In this amazing story of racist and police violence, Starr learns what it means for a life to be turned completely upside-down.


Now, if you haven't figured it out already (you probably have) I'm going to reveal the name and author of the August book of the month! Sending a huge congratulations to:

The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas!

 This book was, to put it simply, stunning, and I can't wait to see the movie (although movies are never as good as the books). I hope you think that I made a good choice with my book of the month, and I hope you really love this book! It's awesome!


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