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March 1, 2018

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Review: Artemis Fowl #4: "The Opal Deception" by Eoin Colfer

 Title: The Opal Deception


Author: Eoin Colfer


Page Count: 368



After Artemis Fowl was mind-wiped, he had no memory of the adventures he had with Holly Short, Mulch Diggums, and the LEP. But his worst enemy, Opal Koboi, who was in a self-induced coma, still remembers him. When Opal makes a cunning escape and enacts her revenge plan, it is clear that only Artemis can stop her. But how can Artemis protect a world he doesn't remember being in? Artemis and Butler are in a race to remember, for two very dangerous worlds are about to collide.


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Our Review:

 This book was good, it just didn't feel quite like the other Artemis Fowl books. It did catch me and I finished it quickly, but as I was reading, I noticed I was on page 270 or so, and still at the rising action. That seemed like a big red flag to me. And I assumed it meant that there would be a rushed climax and falling action, and well, I was right. The climax seemed very confusing to me, and it happened very quickly. I wanted more! :p I didn't completely understand certain parts of it. I got a little lost, but it was still clever. The only other problem that this one was more predictable than others, which is just me being picky, but you can't be amazingly unpredictable all the time, I suppose.


The Bottom Line: Rushed climax, but otherwise good.

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