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March 1, 2018

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What's New? (Edited)

Hello guys, I don't know if you all have noticed, but I've shaken up the site a bit.

The first thing is I've started writing author names. Mostly it's me. And I write my author names in a funny, crazy, what-is-wrong-with-this-child kind of way. So enjoy that! ;)

Next. The most noticeable thing is, 'Our Books' is gone, and has been replaced by 'Interviews!' The reasoning behind that, is because, I felt that 'Our Books' was out of place on the site, and one of the things I had wanted to put on the site was interviews about people's favorite books/authors and why. So that's there now, and the sad thing is, that page is currently empty! :( I promise I'm working on it, and we'll have some videos/podcast-like-things/stuff on there soon.

Third. I've updated the 'About' page. Nothing that new.

Fourth. I'm going to start sending monthly emails! You can subscribe to me, if you scroll down far enough on this page (and almost any page except for 'Interviews,' you'll find the Subscribe button. If you put your email and subscribe, you'll get emails about what's coming next on NOVi. and cool stuff like that.

Fifth. The whole REASON there's going to be monthly emails, is because I am going to start doing a monthly theme! The monthly theme is going to be where I read certain types of books and blog about them, and maybe occasionally video record my progress on these themes/challenges-type-thing. I would normally save what the theme is for the first day of the month, but just this once, I'll tell you what August is going to be: Reread Month! And by 'Reread Month,' I mean, that all of the books I am reading in August will be books I have already read before. Why? Because I don't think I've ever purposely reread a book, (accidentally maybe >_<) and I'm wondering if you discover more about the book and the author by reading it again. I'm going to try not to read books I've recently read, so no book reviews that are already on the site, but there will definitely be new book reviews, with a pre-reread review, and then a post-reread review, so we can compare my thoughts.


Hey! Hey! Down here! I remembered! >_<

Sixth. I'm going to start writing my own summaries! I mean, I'm a writer and I write summaries for my own stories all the time. So I shouldn't need to piggyback off other authors, I'll (try to) just give you an unbiased summary of the story I read. Thanks 2 my library for forcing me to write summaries of books thus giving me this idea.

Seventh. I've changed some of the layout on the main page! And considering you've found this post, you probably already know that. The first thing on the left is for you to search through old posts by month, so you don't have to aimlessly scroll through the bottomless pit of NOVi. posts! :) Underneath that are the different categories we have. I noticed that if you click a category that you won't be able to get back and see all the posts without reloading the page, and that's annoying, so I added an 'All' category, and you can click that and see all the posts again. Above the blog feed, I have also put the newest posts. I know you'll be able to see them at the top of the blog feed anyway, but I thought I'd call attention to them.


Something to come:

I may put, say, the most popular blog post at the top and stuff like that but just watch out for that.


All righty then all finished for now.

Again, thanks for reading!



- Logan

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