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So um I'm kinda obsessed with this book...

March 1, 2018

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Review: Warriors: "Cats of the Clans"

July 1, 2017

 Title: Cats of the Clans


Author: Erin Hunter


Page Count: 91




Hear the stories of the great warriors as they've never been told before! Cats of the Clans is chock-full of visual treats and captivating details, including full-color illustrations and in-depth biographies of important cats-from fierce Clan leaders to wise medicine cats to the most mischievous kits, as well as loners, rogues, and kittypets.

This collectible guide is a great introduction to the Warriors series for new fans and is indispensable for those already hooked!


Other Books in the Series:

Secrets of the Clans, Battles of the Clans, Enter the Clans, Code of the Clans and The Ultimate Guide


If You Liked This Book You May Like:

Warriors: Battle of the Clans (Warriors Field Guide) by Erin Hunter

Warriors: Code of the Clans (Warriors Field Guide) by Erin Hunter

Warriors: Secrets of the Clans (Warriors Field Guide) by Erin Hunter


Our Review:

I'm going to be blunt. I don't find this book necessary in the slightest. It is literally a smaller version of The Ultimate Guide, except opinionated. Sure hearing an opinionated version of the cats was kind of nice, but really not much different than The Ultimate Guide. My recommendation: The Ultimate Guide is much more thorough than this book. Even most of the drawings were used in The Ultimate Guide.


The Bottom Line: Practically The Ultimate Guide except smaller


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