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So um I'm kinda obsessed with this book...

March 1, 2018

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Review: The Unwanteds #5: "Island of Shipwrecks" by Lisa McMann

March 20, 2017

Title: Island of Shipwrecks


Author: Lisa McMann


Page Count: 452



ALEX AND HIS FRIENDS barely survived the harrowing journey over the waterfall. They're lost at sea with a damaged ship and a seriously injured crewmate. Before they can fix anything, a sudden hurricane destroys their ship-their only way to get back to Artimé.

Now they're stranded on an island full of mysterious remnants of other lives and histories...and they're not alone. They soon discover surprising connections to the world they know, leading to intriguing new questions. None of it will matter, though, if Alex can't find a way to get his people back home.

Back in Quill, Aaron's power base grows as he aligns himself with an unlikely ally. Together, the two enact a drastic, risky plan to finally conquer Artimé-- a plan that could ultimately leave everyone in Artimé and Quill in far more danger than Aaron could have ever imagined.


Other books in the series: The Unwanteds, Island of Silence, Island of Fire, Island of Graves and Island of Dragons


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Our Review:

 It was... good. For me, anyway. And I'm probably going to regret this because all my friends (save a few) are in LOVE with the Unwanteds. But I thought it was really just... good. I liked the writing, Lisa McMann perfectly captures the relationship between Alex and Sky (which I thought was adorable :p). Now... As to why it was only 3.5 stars which = 'good' in my book. Because, I don't know if you noticed, but all the names are Island of ______ (not the first one though). While each story was slightly different, I... uh... I found all the stories kind of... Similar. And introducing new characters, I think that was a good idea. Adding pep to the story. Nice touch, McMann. My friend and I joke about them finding a new archipelago, but honestly, I think maybe change the story up a little so it's not always 'main characters go to island, someone gets hurt, Alex usually ends up injured somehow, and something happens in Artimé'. So, I think just a slight story change would be appreciated, but the writing was good.


The Bottom Line: Good writing, but similar storylines

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