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So um I'm kinda obsessed with this book...

March 1, 2018

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Review: "Fell" by David Clement-Davies

October 12, 2016

Title: Fell


Author: David Clement-Davies


Page Count: 523



Among the wolves of Transylvania walks a fearful legend: a black wolf with the power to see into the minds of other animals. Fell is a Kerl, a  loner, separated from his pack by the power of the Sight and by his guilt over the death of his beloved sister Larka.

The villagers call Alina a changeling, a creature left by the fairies, and fear her. The shepherd Malduk, who rescued her from the snows, makes her dress as a boy and work twice as hard as one. It is a bitter, lonely life, haunted by terrible dreams, until the day Alina learns some of the truth about her past and sets out into a world fraught with danger to find her real home...

In this thrilling fantasy adventure, a sequel to David Clement-Davies's bestselling novel The Sight, a wolf and a girl-both looking for answers to the visions haunting them-must overcome their natures to share a journey that will bring their worlds, animal and human, to a greater understanding.


Other books in the series: The Sight



"Animal and human forces converge...beautiful setting and character depictions." -School Library Journal


"Full of rousing battles, detailed wolf mythology, and lyrical descriptions, this long, dark, involving tale will appeal to fans of animal fantasy epics." -Kliatt


"Mesmerizing page-turner...worth the trip." -Booklist


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Our Review:

Clement-Davies, you and Chainani sit side by side on the thrones for kings of cliffhangers. I love the way this was worded, and the wonderful thrilling plot twists had me gripped until the end. You should have seen me walking around the parking lot staring at this book obsessively! This book is amazing, and meets The Sight's standards completely!


The Bottom Line: Amazing, just as good as The Sight, if not better. 



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